Maungawhau IT

Create A Poster

Team Posters for the AFL

Client: Fujifilm NZ, December 2009 to July 2012

Tags: fujifilm / website / ecommerce / python / django

After starting with the site, we continued working with Fujifilm NZ to create new shopping sites.

Projects that went live are Create A Poster and The Corner Dairy.

For Create A Poster we needed to make the clubs pages use the club logo colours. Club Page - background and logo vary according to the club

Then we needed a dynamic way to show what poster you are buying as you select your customisable options. Custom Poster - initial page Custom Poster - choose a background Custom Poster - choose a style for the name Custom Poster - choose another combination

Projects that did not make it into production are a cartoon site, a chemicals site, and a book covers site.

These new projects were developed in Python + Django + Satchmo (providing a pre-built shopping cart).