Maungawhau IT

Odin Solutions

Client: Odin Solutions, October 2015 to August 2016

Tags: odin / website / php / angular / nodejs

In just under a year with Odin Solutions we worked on two large client-facing projects and an internal product. We worked closely with the New Zealand team to standardise practices in automated testing, Jenkins CI deployments, and code delivery.

The first project was to customise the open source Revive Adserver to capture and report on the metrics they required for campaigns, and to simplify the data entry for entering their ads.

The other major project was to create a brand new site for the UK Health Lottery.

Health Lottery homepage

This involved writing a bespoke CMS backend in Node.js to serve the whole site, and AngularJS components to add interactivity to pages by calling the server API.

List of CMS content

CMS content was required for articles about recent winners and news about the causes supported by the lottery.

Lookup results

The AngularJS components handled interactive tasks, such as the retrieval and display of results, and the ability to find nearby retailers.

Find nearby retailers