Maungawhau IT


Customised skins for gadgets

Client: Fujifilm NZ, December 2009 to July 2012

Tags: fujifilm / website / ecommerce / php / mysql

We worked on the project (using PHP and MySQL), to cleanup code licensed from the U.K. and implement the NZ website

Over about a month we simplified the code, and implemented a single shopping cart for the site.

During 2010 we completely overhauled the backend administration, changed the frontend to allow easy regional re-skinning of the site, and added new features such as gift cards, commissions for artists.

Wrappz giftcards

A skinned version of the site was deployed for the Australian market, and we had versions available for various other markets.

Here is a page showing an artist image. Notice how the sample in the lower right is wrapped onto the demo devices. Wrappz samples - notice the devices in the lower right.

Here are the pre-built covers for the iPhone 4. The image samples change when the selection is changed. Wrappz iPhones - the sample changes when the dropdown changes

Wrappz Artists