Maungawhau IT


Odin Solutions

UK Health Lottery project Client: Odin Solutions
October 2015 to August 2016

In just under a year with Odin Solutions we worked on two large client-facing projects and an internal product. We worked closely with the New Zealand team to standardise practices in automated testing, Jenkins CI deployments, and code delivery. Read more...

Tags: odin / website / php / angular / nodejs


Client: Suitebox
October 2015 to November 2015

We worked with Suitebox on their unique video conferencing solution leading up to the initial product launch. The focus was on fixing issues as they were identified, and automating the Angular build process as well as the Jenkins CI deployment process. Read more...

Tags: suitebox / website / php / angular


Wrappz samples Client: Fujifilm NZ
December 2009 to July 2012

We worked on the project (using PHP and MySQL), to cleanup code licensed from the U.K. and implement the NZ website Read more...

Tags: fujifilm / website / ecommerce / php / mysql