Maungawhau IT

Quality IT Services

Maungawhau IT has been providing quality IT services since 2002.

Small is Beautiful

We are a small company, able to be both flexible and agile in development.

We also enjoy the smaller projects. Something that can be delivered in under a month, not several years. Projects which can be easily summarised and understood - so our customer knows what is delivered, and we know what they expect.

Recently our projects have focused on websites and e-commerce, such as...

  • creating a new website for a UK-based lottery
  • helping to launch a video conferencing tool
  • integrating clients inventory systems with their website orders
  • working on the Yellow and Whitepages sites

For clients including...

  • Odin Solutions
  • Suitebox
  • Yellow Pages
  • Fujifilm NZ
  • Telecom NZ
  • TelstraClear

Tools of the Trade

Maungawhau IT specialises in all things Unix and Linux. This leads naturally to webservers, e-commerce, and all things Internet.

For server backends we use and recommend Ubuntu, Python, MySQL, and the Amazon Cloud. Optionally you may prefer Node.js, Perl, PHP, or PostgreSQL. Pick one of Apache, Cherokee, or nginx.

For development on the client-side, we like AngularJS - for a full single-page apps, and also to add interactive components to existing pages. These apps communicate with the same well-defined API that Android and iOS mobile apps consume from the backend.

The new excitement for infrastructure is Cloud Foundry for delivering PaaS clouds.

Recent posts and activity

Site Refresh

Site Redesign May 6, 2015

After a very long time, and much prompting from Google about the upcoming Mobilegeddon, we have redesigned our site to be less cluttered and mobile responsive. Read more...

Tags: website / refresh

Odin Solutions

UK Health Lottery project Client: Odin Solutions
October 2015 to August 2016

In just under a year with Odin Solutions we worked on two large client-facing projects and an internal product. We worked closely with the New Zealand team to standardise practices in automated testing, Jenkins CI deployments, and code delivery. Read more...

Tags: odin / website / php / angular / nodejs


Client: Suitebox
October 2015 to November 2015

We worked with Suitebox on their unique video conferencing solution leading up to the initial product launch. The focus was on fixing issues as they were identified, and automating the Angular build process as well as the Jenkins CI deployment process. Read more...

Tags: suitebox / website / php / angular


Client: Convergence
June 2015 to November 2015

With Convergence we worked with several clients to generate proposals for integrating the client's inventory control systems with new e-commerce websites. Then we worked with the client and their other vendors to create a customised solution to move inventory information to the website, and web ... Read more...

Tags: convergence / python